Before they were silk screens, they were polaroids. 1stdibs is selling a new release of photographs taken by Andy Warhol, and they are fantastic. What is he searching for in a subject and what are they thinking? Are they aware they are in the act of becoming pop art? How did he pick the photographs to become full fledged silk screen paintings?  This is the interesting thing about photography: It is a three-way between you the viewer, the photographer, and the subject. How involved do we get to be? and why am I so intrigued?  I like them as a collection on screen, but in my house I would devote just one to a white wall, it commands that much attention.  That would be if I could cough up the 25 G's.
Yves Saint Laurent, Farrah Fawcett, Bruce Weber, Carolina Herrera


  1. OMG so weird I just heard of this place. An ex coworker of mine just mentioned it to me. Weird! Cool blog. Following via Bloglovin.

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